Mississippi River Gulf of Mexico Watershed Nutrient Task Force

Meeting Materials

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February 2020 Public Meeting,
Washington, D.C.

Public Meeting Agenda (PDF) (2 pp, 344 KB)

USDA Update (PDF) (5 pp, 340 KB)

Water Quality Trends Working Group Update (PDF) (3 pp, 2 MB)

State Updates

State Science Assessment

Indiana (PDF) (3 pp, 246KB)

Kentucky (PDF) (3 pp, 1.2 MB)

Mississippi (PDF) (3 pp, 148 KB)

Goal Setting

Arkansas (PDF) (6 pp, 341 KB)

Ohio (PDF) (5 pp, 540 KB)

Deployment of Staff

Illinois (PDF) (4 pp, 428 KB)

Iowa (Note: made verbal comments in lieu of a PPT)

Assessing Progress

Louisiana (PDF) (3 pp, 3.6 MB)

Minnesota (PDF) (5 pp, 1.5 MB)

Tennessee (3 pp, 187 KB)

Market-Based Approaches

Missouri (PDF) (5 pp, 478 KB)

Wisconsin (PDF) (3 pp, 316 KB)

Public Comment: Soil Health Economic Case Studies Handouts provided by American Farmland Trust-NRCS